Daniela Astone was born in Pisa in 1980 and raised in the town of Porto S. Stefano in Maremma, Italy. She discovered her passion for drawing and painting at a very young age and thus began cultivating this desire. In 1997, after graduating from the Visual Arts High School of Maremma, her motivation for the arts initiated a move to Florence. The cultural city of Florence provided her with the opportunity to deepen her knowledge and love of the art by both challenging and motivating her. Daniela’s first experience in Florence was working in the illustration school. In 2001, she enrolled in the Florence Academy of Art, one of the most serious art schools of Florence. Upon graduating in 2004, she received the painting award, the highest honor of her class. Daniela’s accomplishments include participation in the exhibition “Realism Revisited” in the Panorama Museum, Bad Frankenhausen Germany in 2003 as well as two successful solo shows with Ann Long Fine Art in 2005 and 2007. Daniela currently teaches at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence and resides in the nearby countryside.

2005 - First Solo Show, Ann Long Fine Art, Charleston, SC
2006 - Florence Academy of Art Group Show, Corsini Garden, Florence
2006 - Group Show, Nantucket Brigham Gallery, MA
2006 - Group Show from Spoleto, Ann Long Fine Art, Chraleston, SC
2007 - Group Show, Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, New York, NY
2007 - Solo Show, Ann Long  Fine Art, Charleston, SC
2007 - Florence Academy of Art Group Show, Corsini Garden, Florence
2008 - Group Show, Galleria Rielaborando, Arezzo
2009 - Florence Academy of Art Group Show, Corsini Garden, Florence
2009 - Solo Show, Sala del frontone di Orbetello ,Italy
2009 - Group Show,” Immortal Works” ,Vasa Konsthal, Gothemburg