giovedì 2 giugno 2011

Around Suvignano-Siena

Every morning at 5 we were going out to paint
 the atmosphere before the sunrise..
 My noisy and smelly pigs

Around Suvigniano there are a lot of abandon farmhouses!
For me was a great occasion to find into those buldings new objects for my paintings!
I love old abandon Farmhouses!
The amaizing thing about this pleaces is the atmosphere!
A room with no roof,
boots and shoes on the floor,
old newspaper,
Broken glass
all covered by dust!
I try to immagine what was before 
and how was the owner of those objects...
Once I met a really old couple of farmer living in a really old farmhouse...
their life it was just like the life of those abandon objects... 
I just wanted to paint those objects...
 those people.